LLVM 15.0.0 is out (and installed on Discoverer HPC)

LLVM 15.0.0 is out (and installed on Discoverer HPC)

The new 15.0.0 version of LLVM compiler infrastructure is out. The source code as well as a set of precompiled binaries are available for download at Github:


Discoverer HPC users now have access to the LLVM 15.0.0 installation available in the software repository. By loading the environment module llvm/15/15.0.0-gcc:

module load llvm/15/15.0.0-gcc

the users obtain access to the LLVM compiler infrastructure. The suffix “gcc” in the module name specifies the compiler set employed for compiling the source code of the project. Note that LLVM 15.0.0 source code can be successfully compiled using GCC 12.

For those interested in building LLVM 15.0.0 from source code, the build recipe is also published:


Some notes on productivity and what to expect from the new LLVM compiler infrastructure. Tests on compiling GROMACS 2022.3 with LLVM 15.0.0 shows the produced executable code is as productive as the one derived based on AMD AOCC compilers and AMD AOCL, in case FFTW3 (a component external to the GROMACS code) is compiled by using LLVM 15.0.0 too. Tests on ZSTD library reveal slight rise in the productivity (3%), compared to the build created by means of GCC 12.

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