Intel retire their C/C++ classic compiler in mid 2023

Intel retire their C/C++ classic compiler in mid 2023

Intel® C++ Compiler Classic (icc) is deprecated and will be removed in a oneAPI release in the second half of 2023. Intel recommends that customers transition now to using the LLVM-based Intel® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler (icx) for continued Windows* and Linux* support, new language support, new language features, and optimizations.

What that means for the users of Discoverer HPC who need to compile their C and C++ code by using Intel® C/C++/Fortran compiler?

The classic compilers icc, icpc, ifort should be replaced in the process of compiling programming code with icx, icpx, ifx. The last three are LLVM-based compilers. Note that some of the compiler flags available for the classic compilers are not available for the LLVM-based Intel® compilers.More information about that topic can be found here:

The environment modules names remain the same. To load the paths to the Intel compilers and their environment, execute:

module load intel
module load compiler/latest

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