The Discoverer bids farewell to the era-old Intel compilers

The Discoverer bids farewell to the era-old Intel compilers

The latest version of Intel oneAPI – 2024.0.0 – is now available in Discoverers open-source software repository. One big change in the new version is that the classic Intel compilers are no longer available. As of version 2024.0, they have been excluded from the bundle. The users have to load one of the available pre-2024.0 versions if they need access to any of the classic compilers. The old versions of Intel oneAPI (≤2023.2) that include the classic compilers will remain in the software repository until the mid-2025.

Users are urged to modify their compilation setup instructions to employ the latest Intel LLVM compilers. It is anticipated that the majority of C and C++ code projects will be able to seamlessly transition to the new compilers, necessitating no code modifications. Certain Fortran code may require minor editing before it is successfully compiled with the new Intel LLVM compilers.

Refer to the “Intel® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler Developer Guide and Reference” for more details about the transition to the new LLVM compilers:

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