Major update to the hosted LLVM compiler collections

Major update to the hosted LLVM compiler collections

The Discoverer’s software repository received a major update to the hosted LLVM compiler collections. Versions 16.0.0-16.0.6 and 17.0.0-17.0.6 are available and the LLVMgold plugin is included in all bundles.

We thoroughly examined the hosted LLVM compiler collections by employing the clang and clang++ compilers to compile C and C++ code projects like GROMACS and NAMD. Despite the absence of significant issues with the compilation of C and C++ code, it is expected that the compilation of Fortran code using flang (symlink to flang-new) compiler may still pose a challenge. The Fortran source code, which contains a mix of code that conforms to different versions of the languages, could pose a risk of causing compilation errors.

If you encounter issues with the implementation of the LLVM compiler collection hosted on Discoverer, you should open an issue ticket in the tracking system of the project on GitHub.

If you are interested in reviewing the methodology we employ to compile the LLVM compiler infrastructure code, our build recipes are available on our GitLab:

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